Contractor Liability Insurance

Contractor Liability Insurance For a very long time, contractors have been left in the wild when it came of matters of insurance. But thanks to the new Contractor Liability Insurance, contractors too can enjoy insurance services specially designed for them. … Read More

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Insurance Commercial liability insurance is a special type of insurance meant for covering liability related damages of a business. Insurance packages vary and some cover all of the damages while others only cover a part. Legal costs (arising … Read More

Professional Insurance

what is professional liability insurance? You might have heard of all sorts of insurance, from health, life, car, financial, and what not. They come in very handy in cases where untoward or unwanted events occur such as sickness, untimely death, … Read More

Tax Liability

Tax Liability Tax is a common term used all over the world. The successful running of states and governments is due to the collection of tax. But in the effort to collect taxes, not everybody is loyal in paying. Most … Read More

Limited Liability Companies

What Is A Limited Liability Company? A lot of business people opt to form a limited liability company or LLC instead of sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. There are many benefits of having an LLC but there are also disadvantages. … Read More

Zip-line Liability Waiver

Zip-line Liability Waiver Even the busiest man in the word finds time for recreation. Recreation is a basic need that everybody needs to engage in. There are several forms of recreation depending on individuals. There are those who prefer smooth … Read More

Contractor Liability Waiver

Condominium and homeowner Declarations and Bylaws often dictate that the contractor be qualified by licensure and insured. State laws vary on licensing and mandatory insurance. The burden of compliance rests with the association’s Board of Directors. While licensure is mandatory … Read More