Zip-line Liability Waiver

Zip-line Liability Waiver

Even the busiest man in the word finds time for recreation. Recreation is a basic need that everybody needs to engage in. There are several forms of recreation depending on individuals. There are those who prefer smooth recreation and those who prefer daring recreations. Zip-lining is one of the daring recreational events. Being a daring and risky activity, tour companies offering it as a service are protected with what is known as Zip-line Liability Waiver.

Understanding Zip-line Liability Waiver

This is an agreement signed by participants of zip-lining activity waiving all the liabilities that may occur as a result of an accident during the sport. Therefore, the details of the agreement state that the company involved in offering this service shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from this activity.

Why tour Companies need Zip-line Liability Waiver

The risks involved in this activity are too high and therefore there is need to have a waiver that will protect the company against occurrence of an accident. Without this liability waiver, there could be many claims against tour companies that they could not handle. Therefore, all the tour companies must let their clients sign the zip-line liability waiver before starting on this activity.

The Content of Zip-line Liability Waiver

The participant has to acknowledge that zip-lining is a very dangerous activity. The risks involved by engaging in this sport are so high that they may even lead to death. By acknowledging this, the participant is free to participate in the sport.

The next part of the agreement requires the participant to acknowledge, on behalf of the minors participating, that it is a risky affair that may lead to severe injuries or even death. This is because the minors cannot get into a legal contract with the tour company.

The most important part of the agreement is where the participant exonerates the tour company from any liability that may occur during or after participation of this activity. This is the waiver of liability. By signing this, the participant is assumed to have full knowledge of the risks involved and is willing to take on the risks while exonerating the tour company from accidents or death that may occur.

Once the agreement is signed, not even the relatives will be able to claim anything from the tour company in case of an accident or death of a participant.

It is important to note that this is a just a legal procedure that has to be followed and that it does not necessarily mean that zip-lining is an extremely dangerous activity that should not be attempted. Very rare cases of accidents resulting from this sport have been reported.